What is Vroom?

What is Vroom?

Vroom is a free tool kit for your webcam or IP camera. It offers motion detection, automatic capture via FTP or video streaming.

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Its detailed features!

This software supports the vast majority of USB webcams and IP cameras connected to the network. Besides previewing the video stream of his webcam, the user is able to make screenshots with a mouse click. It is then possible to configure the image quality and its recording folder.

In addition, Vroom is equipped with a powerful motion detection system with a history of each event with screenshot and a lot of supporting information. It is also possible to define the sensitivity of the detection or the action to be undertaken : sending via FTP, playing a sound or running a program to be specified.

Note also the integration of a module allowing streaming of the video stream of your webcam on the web. The broadcaster can view the list of viewers and exclude unwanted users.

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Taking charge:

Although its interface is entirely in English and a little austere can turn off at first glance, this tool is easy to handle and provides many advanced options.